Professional Massage Service

Please Note that this service is a strictly Professional Massage service and completely separate from tantric and Erotic service NO MASSAGE OF THE GENITALS. This Massage is carried out in Professional environment and Recipients are required to keep Undergarments on and will be provided with towels and Sarong throughout this session. This Service is Non-Sexual and Massage is purely for Therapeutic and Relaxation Benefits. All Massage will be carried out on a Prrofessional Massage Table.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue Massage professional massage service for the relief of deep rooted muscle aches and pains. This massage is carried out on a professional massage table with high quality organic custom blend oil. This Massage include gentle stretching and deep Tissue Pressure Massage for the relief of knots and tension.

Swedish Massage
Gentle soothing Massage including the entire body back and front
Scalp Neck and shoulder include light medium and deep Pressure Stretching of the upper and lower limbs arms and thighs whilst focussing on specific areas of concern to release tension and enable relaxation.

LOMI LOMI Haiwain Massage Originated from Haiiwai Full body Massage using the fore arms to glide all over the entire body with generous amount of oils, including stretching for the effective relief of both muscle aches and pain and induce relaxation.

Hot Stones Massage
Massage with heated stones is use effectively to release tension and relax muscles. Cold stone is use to bring a soothing and calming effect to the massage. The entire body is massage including the head neck shoulder back front feet.

Swedish 1hr £50
Deep Tissue 1hr £50
Hot Stones 70 minutes £70
Lomi Lomi massage 1hr £60

Mindfulness Meditation is available in
15, 20 or 30 minute session single treatment or as part of your message session.
cost from £15 extra per session

Rates are strictly non- Negotiable for this service.