Classic Tantric & rates

Classic Tantric Massage

There are several stage during this session for which you will need a minimum of 2 to 4 hours to experience the full benefits and the healing process.Preparation Time include shower before your massage session you
will be provided with a Sarong. refreshments. Herbal tea, and Fresh Towels. After a Brief Initial consultation in this session we will discuss the massage. benefits of this Authentic Healing Therapy. No touching is Permitted throughout this session apart from the connecting stage which is done in a Spiritual caring and sensitive way respecting boundaries and to connect and create a sacred safe space.
After welcoming you into The sacred space which is prepared especially for you into a dimly lit room with candles incense and ambient music. We will discuss through Talking Therapy the treatment process and what to expect after your session Treatment goals and expectations.

Before the session
Begins I will guide you through a series of tantric ritual Exercise using Taoist and Tantra elements and Deep Breathing followed with Deep Tissue Massage with oil.
During this session a series of specific type body movements Traditional massage style Taoist method, Pelvic rocking, Eye gazing include Swedish Deep Body Work Tissue, Shiatzu Style, Yogic stretch Body on Body and Breathing are used to release Emotional Trapped Trauma's and open your Chakra's Energy centre to awaken kundalini Energy from its resting place which is located at the base of your spine directing the energy up to your crown chakra while'st performing massage of the lingham and prostate using Taoist Technique.
How Many Session Will You need? (Aftercare advice.)
Please be mindful that treatment results may differ with each individual. No two persons experience are the same it depends on your own personal circumstance. Whilst every effort and care are taken throughout the session to ensure that you will achieved your expectations goal and out come in a typical 2-3 hour session, I usually recommend 3 Sessions over a period of time. You will need time for this healing process to complete before booking your next session. After your first session feelings may vary from high to low as the body is dealing with this new type of energy, You will need to relax and allow the body heal Yoga, Meditation, and gentle exercise alkaline diet is recommend to help healing Process.

This massage will be carried out traditionally on a massage mat on the floor. Sarongs will be provided.



Out call

  • 1.5hrs £200
  • 2hrs £300