Dark Tantra & Prostate

Dark Tantra & Erotic Service's
Available to a selective few who would like to explore their boundaries within a safe and tranquil non-judgemental settings. My Dark Tantric Service is a combination of Pleasure pain taking you to your limits and safe boundaries and is carried out with a holistic approach and can be included into your massage session or as a seperate service. Dark Tantra service may include Adult Toys, Goddess Worship
Tie and Please Prostate, Light Bdsm Sensual Domination, Edging, Foot Fetish, Role Play. Light spanking. Lingham massage, Strap on Adult toys.

Prostate Massage
Available with your Dark Tantra, service. and are bespoke to suit your Individual need. Massage of the prostate is done with or without a Prostate device. Adult toys may also be used (Optional).
The Prostate massage involves massage of the Rectum, Perineum and prostate which is located between the canal and the seminal vesicle, Stimulation of this area can be highly sensous when massage internal and external. Massage of the prostate is very important to a male health, lot of emotions and tension are stored in the prostate which cause from life style habits such as poor diet and stress. If left untreated Toxic Emotions such as Anger Frustration are accumulated which could affect the prostate health and result in illness such as Prostate Cancer.

Tantric Taster Trial Massage
A full body massage using Tantric element to delay climax.
This is an Ideal option to get a small taste of the Tantric massage experience before you commit to a longer session or if time is of the essence and you just looking for some relaxation with eroticism.
It is a full body relaxing swedish style Massage with gentle stretch and deep to light massage pressure with focus and attention on Problematic or specific areas of concern. A great way to relax and enjoy a relaxing stress relief pampering with Massage of the lingham happy ending.
The entire body is massage including the Lingham using some Tantric elements to delay climax. High quality organic Non scented or custom blend oils are used for the massage.
The Massage may be carried out on a professional massage table or on a traditional massage mat on the floor.
Mutual Body 2 Body Massage
Mutual massage involve exchange of massage for both giver and recipient
for those who loves to give massage and received is a great way to indulge in some pampering and relaxation. This session includes a full body Naturist Massage with a high quality organic essential warm oils B2B, Body slide Bare skin contact Taoist massage of the lingham Edging climax control, Yab yum lotus position you will feel highly charged with pleasure as you savour the sensation of my naked body sliding and all over your naked body bringing you close to the edge and back using tantric breathing to delay and achieved full body pleasure.


Erotic Service Rates
Prostate Massage is available Optional
Tantric Trial Taster
1hr £80/ £120

Dark Tantra Rates (Toys Optional Extra )
1 hr £150
90 min £220
2 hrs £300

B2B, / Oil or Gel Massage (Toys optional)
1hr £150
1.5hr £220
2hrs £300

Mutual Massage
90min 300
2hrs £350

1hr £200