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Namaste Welcome Thank you for visiting my site. Alchemy as sensual a bespoke Tantric, Therapeutic Professional, and Sensual Massage service in London, If you are Looking for relaxation a place to escape for a while from the mundane routine of your daily life, Feeling stress want to unwind explore or experience new sexuality, Need Sensual Healing or emotional release I hope to be able be to assist with any enquiry.

So not to be confused about Tantric and Erotic Massage they are complete different type of Massage, The end results are not the same benefits. although both massage Involve nudity and massage of the genitals.

The Authentic Tantric Massage Session you will need 2-4 hrs to experience the maximum Benefits of this type of Massage Therapy. This unique type of massage cannot be carried out in a shorter session. In order for the body to heal it is vital that you are completely relax and not holding on to toxic emotions and trauma's. Trapped Trauma's are released with Physical Therapy deep body work massage and Breathing and specific energy points on the body. When emotions are release Then the healing process begins. allowing you to experience pleasure on a higher level.

I will do a consultation with you which consist of Talking Therapy to discuss the session. followed by Tantric Ritual exercise, Stretching, Alchemy Tantric Connection and the deep tissue body work with oil using Sound Breath and movements.
The entire body is massage including the lingham male Sanskrit word for genitals and Yoni Female Genitals, The Prostate also is an important part of the massage it stores a lot of toxins and emotions cause from life style choice poor diet and stress which can lead to illness related issues if not treated. Massage of the Prostate relief these toxic emotions restoring vitality, this massage process releasing stress and Trauma's enabling healing.

The Yoni Female Sanskrit word for genital, In women the same massage principles applied, During the Yoni massage The female may release a fluid called amrita other wise commonly known as Female Ejaculation. Trapped emotions are stored in the cellular memory. Trapped traumas may relate to Traumatic experience which can prevents the release of amrita. Amrita can be release with Yoni Massage.

I understand that time and financial resource might be a deciding factor when deciding to book a session. I have take this into consideration and made available a shorter and affordable session to suit your budget and time Please see my Massage service's page for cost and more details.

Tantric Massage Authentic 2-4 hours
I provide the following Massage Service's
Tantric Professional Massage
Prostate Massage

Holistic Service's 1-2 hours
Reiki, Meditation, Crystal Stone Healing, Pendulum Dowsing

Professional Massage Service's 1-2hours
Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Hot Stones Therapy.

Dark Tantra Service 1-2 hours

About Me

I am a Professionally ITEC Trained Massage, Beauty and NLP Holistic Practitioner from London UK, I have over eighteen years of experience within the Health and Beauty Industry providing Massage, Beauty and Holistic wellbeing Therapies to both men and women in London. I am of Black Caribbean and Asian Chinese Mix race heritage. My Calling to the tantra path began over 13 years ago where I followed this Spiritual path with Esoteric Tantra Practice's for my own personal self development and growth.

My Training include Taoist Tantric Massage and Indian Tantric Technique, Both Training With Taoist and Tantric Masters, I continue to develop my skills to deepen knowledge with ongoing Tantra workshops here in UK and Overseas in India. I am passionate about my work and take pride in delivering an exceptional and outstanding service.

With my Practice I mostly enjoy working with male using my feminine energy I welcome enquiry of a respectful nature from Mature and discerning seekers of Tantric Path.
The Main Focus of my Practice is Healing using Tantric Sexual Energy
and Holistic Therapies Include Meditation and Reiki.
However I also Provide Dark Tantra. Service's for those who would like to explore the spiritual side of Eroticism.

Polite notice I do not offer Full Service or Extra's. Please ensure that you take the time to read before calling. The correct number which is 07925 396748


I am available daily for bookings from 11 am -7pm I will need a mimimum of 1 hour notice in advance for both in and outcall appointment. Please call to book or email via contact page and leave your preferred method of contact. Withheld callers or text are not answered.

Easy Parking and Shower Facilities are available.
I hope to be welcoming you soon

Namaste Tantrika Opal